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Lessons & Instructors

If you're interested in:

  • 1-on-1 Baseball Hitting, Catching, Pitching, or Fielding Lessons

  • 1-on-1 Softball Hitting, Catching, Pitching, or Fielding Lessons


Please contact LAUNCH LAB BASEBALL & SOFTBALL to discover new student availability, other Lesson details, to schedule further Lessons,

or to purchase more Lesson Credits. 

See 'Book Our Instructors' below for instructor/trainer information,

session type(s) offered, and Credit Pack pricing.

Credits for 1-on-1 Lessons CANNOT be purchased or booked directly through the website or App.

One Credit is thirty (30) minutes with an instructor/trainer.


BROCK BRADE: RATE = $1.00/Minute or negotiable

JENELLE SHAMRELL: RATE = $1.00/Minute or negotiable

BRANDON MATIASRATE = $1.00/Minute or negotiable

If you're interested in using our Instructors' services outside of the

Facility in a Consultant role for you and/or your team and their practice(s),

contact LAUNCH LAB BASEBALL & SOFTBALL to discuss and schedule. We will provide

whatever service necessary to help you achieve your stated goal(s).

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